About us

Scholars Staffing is a nation-wide educational staffing and recruitment solutions firm that caters to the needs of schools and districts in California. We serve public and non-public schools and institutions. We act as a liaison between educational institutions and professionals that are interested in making a positive impact on the lives of children and society.

Our motto is Serve and Service. We believe education plays a vital role in transforming society by impacting the lives of children and families. Our current priority is serving the schools in California, and we strive to serve our school clients with greater efficiency so the needs of schools and specialists are fulfilled.

Our specialists provide personalized instruction designed to ensure each child is empowered to succeed.





Unified school districts & institutions

Benefits of joining hands with Scholars staffing LLC


* Provide immediate coverage with pre-screened or credentialed professionals.
* Reduce stress on staff and managers during vacancies.


* Continuity of care during staffing challenges
* Outsourcing recruitment to Scholars staffing will save internal staff’s time and resource


* Coverage of staff during medical leave, maternity leave, vacation, and turnover Scholars Staffing is a cost-effective option.
* Our hourly rate is competitive and similar to that of the existing staff.

Our core values and philosophy voice our commitment in building successful relationships with clients, employees and the small business community.
We provide qualified staff on a daily, long-term, or permanent basis for our school clients

We believe we could be the solution for your special education needs.